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TVLSIM::ConfigImport Class Reference

Utility class to import object in the configuration holder. More...

#include <tvlsim/bom/ConfigImport.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void importINI (stdair::STDAIR_Service &, const stdair::Date_T &iStartDate, const stdair::Date_T &iEndDate, const stdair::RandomSeed_T &, const stdair::DemandGenerationMethod &, const NbOfRuns_T &)
static void importFiles (stdair::STDAIR_Service &, const stdair::ScheduleFilePath &, const stdair::ODFilePath &, const stdair::FRAT5FilePath &, const stdair::FFDisutilityFilePath &, const AIRRAC::YieldFilePath &, const SIMFQT::FareFilePath &, const TRADEMGEN::DemandFilePath &)

Detailed Description

Utility class to import object in the configuration holder.

Definition at line 25 of file ConfigImport.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void TVLSIM::ConfigImport::importINI ( stdair::STDAIR_Service &  ioSTDAIR_Service,
const stdair::Date_T &  iStartDate,
const stdair::Date_T &  iEndDate,
const stdair::RandomSeed_T &  iRandomSeed,
const stdair::DemandGenerationMethod &  iDemandGenerationMethod,
const NbOfRuns_T iNbOfRuns 

Search if INI config files exist in pre-defined directories. If existing, try to load their contents into a boost property tree.

stdair::STDAIR_ServicePtr_TReference on the StdAir service.
conststdair::Date_T& Start date of the simulation.
conststdair::Date_T& End date of the simulation.
conststdair::RandomSeed_T& Seed for the random generation used by the demand generation component (TraDemGen).
conststdair::DemandGenerationMethod& States whether the demand generation must be performed following the method based on statistic orders. The alternative method, while more "intuitive", is also a sequential algorithm.
constNbOfRuns_T& Number of simulation runs to be performed.

Definition at line 22 of file ConfigImport.cpp.


void TVLSIM::ConfigImport::importFiles ( stdair::STDAIR_Service &  ioSTDAIR_Service,
const stdair::ScheduleFilePath &  iScheduleInputFilename,
const stdair::ODFilePath &  iODInputFilename,
const stdair::FRAT5FilePath &  iFRAT5InputFilename,
const stdair::FFDisutilityFilePath &  iFFDisutilityInputFilename,
const AIRRAC::YieldFilePath &  iYieldInputFilepath,
const SIMFQT::FareFilePath &  iFareInputFilepath,
const TRADEMGEN::DemandFilePath &  iDemandFilepath 

Load the schedule, O&D, FRAT5, FFDisutility, yield, fare and demand input file anmes into the configuration holder.

stdair::STDAIR_ServicePtr_TReference on the StdAir service.
conststdair::ScheduleFilePath& Filename of the input schedule file.
conststdair::ODFilePath& Filename of the input O&D file.
conststdair::FRAT5FilePath& Filename of the input FRAT5 file.
conststdair::FFDisutilityFilePath& Filename of the input FF disutility file.
constAIRRAC::YieldFilePath& Filename of the input yield file.
constSIMFQT::FareFilePath& Filename of the input fare file.
constTRADEMGEN::DemandFilePath& Filename of the input demand file.

Definition at line 73 of file ConfigImport.cpp.

Referenced by TVLSIM::TVLSIM_Service::setInputFiles().

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