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TVLSIM::ConfigExport Class Reference

Utility class to export object from the confguration holder. More...

#include <tvlsim/bom/ConfigExport.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void updateSimulationStatus (stdair::STDAIR_Service &, SimulationStatus &, const stdair::Date_T &iStartDate, const stdair::Date_T &iEndDate, const NbOfRuns_T &)

Detailed Description

Utility class to export object from the confguration holder.

Definition at line 26 of file ConfigExport.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void TVLSIM::ConfigExport::updateSimulationStatus ( stdair::STDAIR_Service &  ioSTDAIR_Service,
SimulationStatus ioSimulationStatus,
const stdair::Date_T &  iStartDate,
const stdair::Date_T &  iEndDate,
const NbOfRuns_T iNbOfRuns 

Look for the start date, the end date and the number of runs into the configuration holder and update the simulation status with the retrieved values.

stdair::STDAIR_ServicePtr_TReference on the StdAir service.
constSimulationStatus& Simulation status to be updated.
conststdair::Date_T& Start date of the simulation.
conststdair::Date_T& End date of the simulation.
constNbOfRuns_T& Number of simulation runs to be performed.

Definition at line 16 of file ConfigExport.cpp.

References TVLSIM::SimulationStatus::setSimulationPeriod(), and TVLSIM::SimulationStatus::setTotalNumberOfRuns().

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